Butterfly Pediatric Therapy

Helping Children Spread Their Wings 

Butterfly Pediatric Therapy

“Like a Butterfly I am growing and changing and finding my true colors in life. I am finding my wings so I can fly and soon be on my way."                                                           -Anonymous

Butterfly Pediatric Therapy was born with a vision to help children reach their highest potential, and, to guide their transformation into positive and independent individuals.  We provide Pediatric Occupational Therapy evaluation and treatment services with a focus on the unique needs of each child and family.  We are committed to helping children with a variety of challenges to develop everyday skills for a rewarding and meaningful life.

At Butterfly Pediatric Therapy, we provide comprehensive OT evaluations and customized treatments for goals that are important to your child and family. Our priority is to provide consistent care and involve the family through education and participation in the therapy process for overall progress.


We provide OT services in various environments that best suit your child's needs. Your child can receive services in your home, at playground and schools, or at a clinic location. You can read about our services and the diagnoses we serve here.
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Mansi Dalal, Occupational Therapist, OTR/L

Butterfly Pediatric Therapy is owned by Mansi Dalal, who is an Occupational Therapist. She believes that each child is unique and has the right to make their mark on the world. Through Occupational Therapy she hopes to bring confidence, independence and fun in the lives of kids she works with. You can read more about her here.