Butterfly Pediatric Therapy

Helping Children Spread Their Wings 

Our daughter has been receiving occupational therapy from Mansi since Aug 2016. Her growth has been nothing short of amazing, and we attribute it wholly to Mansi's keen and constant attention. She has been great at identifying and addressing all the different issues, regardless of how small or big they are. These include fine and gross motor development, body awareness, motor planning, balance and postural control, visual-motor skills, sensory integration etc. As a result, we have seen significant and holistic improvement both at home and in school. Mansi goes to the core of each issue, and supplements clinic sessions with tailor-made homework recommendations. She is truly invested in seeing the kids grow. Most importantly, our daughter absolutely loves Ms. Mansi and really enjoys her sessions!


- Parent.

Our daughter was suffering from serious behavioral problems at home and school. We determined she was suffering from sensory processing disorder and feeling overwhelmed by a rush of confusing and conflicting sensations. OT was a way for our daughter to improve her ability to separate and process information and to help her develop coping mechanisms for the times when she feels overwhelmed. Darlene worked with our daughter at both home and school to help her understand why she sometimes feels frustrated. The difference in our daughter's personality and ability to self-regulate has been night and day. Our daughter is happier and better behaved, and when she starts to feel overwhelmed, knows exactly what she needs to do to get back in control before things spiral out-of-control. Our daughter's teachers can't believe the positive change they've seen and have asked Darlene to teach a school-wide seminar in working with children with sensory issues. I would absolutely recommend Butterfly Pediatrics to anyone looking for OT for their child. They've had a huge positive impact on our entire family.


- Andrew and Teresa

I am so thankful I found Butterfly Pediatric Therapy. Not only are they amazing at evaluating where my children's needs were, they are flexible with the in-home therapy. As a busy mother of six this is very helpful. My children's therapist is amazing! She always finds way to engage them therapeutically sometimes without them knowing and thinking they are just playing. The kids have made great progress in many areas since starting with Butterfly Pediatric Therapy.

- Parent.

If i have to count my blessings, Mansi is one of them...In 6 months she has helped my son to go from not willing to hold a pencil to writing words, drawing cars and trucks, swinging (he would never sit on a swing), doing obstacle courses and much more! It has not only helped him catch up with the his peers but also helped him build a lot of self confidence.. Her child led style, ability to understand & modify based on child's emotions and giving the child the tools needed to communicate better are exceptional and beyond anything I have ever seen in a therapist before. She is truly invested in your child & you will know this when she shows up at your child's school, contacts you after her therapy/work hours to discuss something she noticed about your child, teams up with other therapists/teachers involved in your child's progress. We feel so lucky to have her and my son loves her.

- Redmond Parent